Memories of the Real Helen Carswell

Memories of the Real Helen Carswell – Beyond the Shadow of Alzheimer’s is more than a book of individual recollections about an incredibly special woman, family, and legacy; it is also a beautiful story of love and hope. Woven throughout each page, we are encouraged to see past the dark times and focus on all the blessings in life instead. Memories of the Real Helen Carswell celebrates the little moments that can otherwise go unnoticed in our everyday journey. Family dinners. Baking with grandchildren. Storytelling. Fun times with friends. Laughter.

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Our Lingering Farewell

Our Lingering Farewell is penned by Dr. Allan Carswell in honour of his wife, Helen Carswell; her charming spirit, extraordinary achievements and contributions, and most of all her courageous journey with Alzheimer’s disease since the late 1990s. Dr Carswell imparts the many poignant experiences he and Helen have shared, their deep love for each other and their family, their positive approach to each day and challenge, and the lessons learned he hopes will help others on a similar path. He also speaks openly about the heavy waves of sadness that weave their way through the quiet moments of today.

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Lasting Lessons Beyond the Classroom

Lasting Lessons Beyond the Classroom is Allan Carswell’s third book in less than a year—a memorable year at that. He writes in his usual unassuming, reflective, and remarkably witty style, offering the reader a fascinating glimpse into days gone and an important snapshot into the history we must value and remember. . . In recording some of his early work experiences in Lasting Lessons Beyond the Classroom, although unaware at the time, Allan recognizes the positive contribution they made to his overall lifetime of learning. He hopes those who are curious and drawn to its message will find benefit and encouragement, especially the younger generations who may be wondering how to make sense of the seemingly inconsequential opportunities in front of them and perhaps are at crossroads of their own.

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Dr Allan Carswell

Dr. Allan Carswell is the founder and president of the Carswell Family Foundation supporting community work in education and healthcare. He has served as a board member of several research institutes, charitable, and industrial corporations.

In 1974 Dr. Allan and Helen Carswell launched Optech Incorporated which grew to 300 employees serving global markets from its location in Toronto, Belgium, and the United States. In 2015 Optech was purchased by Teledyne Technologies Incorporated and continues today as Teledyne Optech, playing an ever-leading role in the international provision of advanced laser systems.

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Guiding Principles

Carswell Family Foundation

The Carswell Family Foundation (CFF) is focused on supporting charitable activities in the sectors of Education and HealthCare.

Our Goal

The goal of CFF is To Make a Difference, and this is difficult to do since both are multi-billion-dollar economic sectors. Thus, CFF has to choose our projects with extreme care if our support is to have any significant impact.
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To focus CFF support as close to the “front line” as possible.
To support our projects typically for time durations of 3 years or less.
To augment our funds as much as possible by matching them in cash or in kind from other sources.
The choice of CFF projects is ours alone.

Highlights of Our Work

Celebration recognizes new Carswell Scholars, gives thanks to Carswell Family Foundation

A new group of graduate students from the Faculty of Science and Lassonde School of Engineering are inspired to push the limits of their research thanks to The Carswell Family Foundation.

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Carswell Family Foundation gift opens new D.A.Y program spots

Thanks to the Carswell Family Foundation, 10 more York Region families will have access to the Alzheimer Society of York Region’s (AS York) D.A.Y programs.

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From our archives - Local Article June 11 2001

Former Nurse Helen Carswell wrote out a $1 Million prescription yesterday for the hospital she once called home.

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